November Hackfest at DeVry University in Phoenix from 11AM -2PM.

The first half of the meeting will be a presentation by David Demland Adjunct Teacher at DeVry, followed by pen-testing; where we assist everyone to do recon and investigation, use tools and evaluate the target.

The last half of the meeting we walk through the process of discovery and exploitation to help those that may still be stuck. Our goal is to design it so that there are easy, medium and more difficult flags and any needed tools are already included with Backtrack5r3.
We have a good number of flags, easily won with Backtrack5r3 DVD live disks you can pickup and use in the lab machines.
We have ready willing and able team members ready to jump in and assist you in your attack(s).  
We also have room for Open Discussion, Spectators, and those who want to watch or copy various DefCon 20 materials.
We have resurrected the Dummy Drills - Answer a (hard) question (from David Demland - Adjutant Professor) and be GOD!
Call us if you get lost or can't find the door!.