Happy Festive Holiday

December 2015 Security Hackfest Presentation

"Seize-uns Greetings" a quick overview of ShellCode email/embedded graphics and PDFs, the gift that keeps on GIVING.  We will all be getting "crafty", building out "gifts", then sharing and proving our concepts with each other in LIVECD's.  L Kachold, Security Systems Administrator, CodeMonkey and (Open)-Zipperhead - currently on contract with IBM.

"Demystifying Phone Security" We look at iPhone/Android Security.

 Plus, as usual, we have FLAGs, lab examples, and a healthy security community actively contributing  their passions and play.   

To get into the University, please go to the office on the 2nd floor at DeVry and trade an ID for a temporary badge, or call (503)754-4452 and we will send out scouts to escort you to our LAB 231.  

Happy Holidays!