Posted by admin on April 14, 2012

Hack This Site?

Again, we have BT5r3 LiveMedia (having decided that BT6 is not any kind of upgrade) and more than a few "average" virtuals systems (web systems and Microsoft XP desktop systems) for your "test" fun.  

We have also just started to add on Wireless MITM/deauth and aircrack-ng tools and fun.  So we have some APs available and a station can be setup to provide hands on familiarity with the process.  

DefCon XX Content is also available, so if you would like to request we play a certain subject, we have the full Commercial Videos from last year's presentations.  

I always like to toss in a wee bit of social engineering, except that, it's just too easy! 


TAKE A "FLAG" [defined as the first person to take down an example target], get a HackFest TeeShirt!