IT-Clowns Hackfest Scheduled Monthly

2nd Saturday of Every Month @ DeVry PHX 11:00 - 2:00

2149 West Dunlap Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021


Check for Weekly and Monthly Schedules

Our Hackfest Presentations, occur on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 11:00 - 2:00 covering various subjects with guest presentors.  We also have 3 semi-regular public educators  - known for clear and succinct content presentations, good humor and passion for security).   

Select Meetups include Flag Prizes!  Get the first flag and get a prize. Come and snag a Hackfest Tee Shirt, or just competency and understanding of an exploit.  Come join your favorite clowners at the HackToolfests.

Other services available include DefCon Video Loan/checkout (last 3 years of DefCon commercial presentation videos are available), Community Outreach for education (Demonstrations, Tag Team/Pentesting), Small Business forensics from the Interns with the assistance of one of our mentors on a sliding fee scale (pro bono), or reduced rates and of course consultation services and assistance from the extensive experience of our community members. 

Come learn the power of linux as a security tool.  Come realize our mission to DRAG professionals kicking and screaming from the Security Matrix.  Watch,  as we break down the incorrect assumptions and security illusions of our generation via simple demonstration!  Help us educate community and provide a safe lab venue to play with and develop pentest skills. We also assist hobbyists to securely and safely negotiate insecure networks at college, coffee shops and the information super dirtway,  Finally learn from "frontline" professionals on the Cyber War frontier keeping systems hackable safe everywhere!
Our FLAG (target) winners, upon individual release/permission, will be published.  Past  presentations are available online, or via request to the hackfest or Meetup Mail List servers.
Services available to the community from senior mentoring security and professional/intern teams include Tiger Team, Pentesting, PCI/HIPAA compliance reviews, Layer 7 forensics and recommendations.  To date, since inception in 2008, Hackfest Security teams have provided services to more than 100 business during and after high profile data breech "open proxy" decrees from upstream providers, spam and phishing issues.
While we host security professionals (from various companies), we also actively invite educators from other local schools and institutions.  The full interaction lends the Hackfests a true security cross mentoring and cross training atmosphere.
DeVry University provides resources for any LUG that actually provides services to or inter-association with DeVry students themselves.  
Every Hackfest has room for news, new toy evaluation, new projects and video submissions.  Devry provides lab desktop and seats for each of 40 students easily.  Participants boot into donated Kali Linux Live Media to become competent with security tools and the use of forensics, pentesting and scripted exploits.  Regular hackfesters build their own PWNPad's or install and customize Kali, which gives them greater control and access to the most recent security announcements and MetaSploit plugins.  Bluetooth, WiFi, MITM, Layer 7 down applications are regularly covered by SMExperts.
Our focus on open association and informal full duplex communications allow for all attendees to interact to develop skill and confidence during each Lab.  Interaction in a creative open source/open minds way equates to the best of play! 
Disclaimer:  The Hackfests are not the "security arms" of any "for profit" company or  teacher selliing formal education classes.   Every single hackfester and every event within the community carries a personal and shared ethical security responsibility.
Hackfest at DeVry with us!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Access to DeVry is controlled, so you can request that the Student Campus Office call David Demland so we can escort you or exchange your picture ID for a badge.

We do not allow file sharing during the Hackfests.  Reference materials and presentations are available in theFileVault.

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