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Check out Kali Video Tutorials

Check out Kali Tutorials

“Physics is the universe’s operating system.” Check out HeatSyncLabs in Mesa for Make fun. Steven R Garman

IT Clowns Limited, INC is a 501(3)c non-profit corporation operating in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Hackfests after 8 years are no longer associated with PLUG or Maricopa Pinal GNU Linux Group, instead IT Clowns Limited, INC. is now a 501(3)c Non-profit Corporation, which places us in a unique position to accept Corporate Sponsors, and apply for Federal Grants. Since virtually all of our events occur at DeVry University [or Remotely], where open labs are available for excellent Hackfests with assistance from OneNeck who provides a half rack, this new status takes the hackfests out of the unproductive profit motives that occur in local LUGS with steering to classes at Mesa Community College, UAT University and commercial support social engineering that occurs out of the install fests at other venues. and into an open source sharing educational university environment. Join the New Hackfest Meetup Group

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Krebs on Security
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  1. An enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer or user.
  2. A person who uses non-traditional tools or processes to gain knowledge or added function or access, usually to learn.


  1. Person that critiques social systems or parody to provide amusement or expand viewpoints.
  2. Artist or artists who  question or instill ethical conscience through dress, sarcasm, performances and demonstrations.